Watch this space... other stuff is in the works!

"Mandalas on the 405", forthcoming from the July/August issue of Analog magazine.

Second Birthday, originally published in Analog (Mar 2015)

"Subversion", published by EscapePod (May 2013). You should go read it, or listen to it (it's free). My cats wish part of me was playing with them with a laser pointer right now.

"The inevitability of jaguars" is available on Amazon for 99 cents. I wasn't just trying to capitalize on the regrettable popularity of "December 2012 Mayans" as search terms. I was also trying to snag the "jaguars" market.

My first-ever science fiction story, "The first ambassador", is available as a series of scanned images (thanks, Grandfather, for hanging on to this!). I was eleven when I wrote it. Original typos (as in, typewriter mistakes) and teacher comments preserved.
Amazingly, it contains no cats, just giant blue-furred sentient peanuts. And about every sci-fi cliche ever...

My second-ever science fiction story, "Tessie". About a girl inventor, a cat, and some bad physics. I started three or four sequels that I (of course) never finished.

Peer-reviewed articles in astronomical journals

None of these are (intentionally) fictional.

Essays, Rants, and other miscellany

Let's be honest. That essay I had posted from high school English comparing and contrasting Hamlet and Raskolnikov? Booo-ring. Ditto some dull things I wrote about religion and or politics. Yawn. So I took 'em down. You can email me if you want them back.


No? Thought not. Here are some more entertaining or historically interesting offerings.

High school

My three-minute valedictory speech

Manifesto of an AP Student and Why I hate standardized tests: man, was I tired of standardized tests by the end of high school...

Federalism: a bar skit

A Few Fish: An Essay on Time How I saw my future from 14 May 1998

C'est ca, le tourisme A delightful fictional romp through Paris with a bunch of high school students, written in high-school French. Come for the bad grammar, stay for the Eiffel Tower getting knocked over by a jet. (Seriously. That's in like the first paragraph. Then the story gets better?)

A report on the Revolutionary War Hero John Stark. So I wrote this report, using books from the UC San Diego library and stuff my dad found... somewhere. There are no references in the article. NO REFERENCES. No footnotes, no appeals to "According to Smith, [crazy unsubstantiated statement]". Ack. Well, anyhow, if it's on the internet it must be true now...

The Physics Multiverse. Probably the oldest surviving website of mine, this was a physics class project c. 1998. Come for the link rot. Stay for the handmade animated gifs illustrating relativity (I did these using Gimp on OS/2) and the Schroedinger's cat alive-or-deadifier (Javascript 1.1). Man was I ever so proud of those.
To be honest, I'm also proud of not caring enough to ever write the string theory section.

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