Inspired by the sight of three coyotes (can you see the coyote inside the red circle?(can you even see the red circle?)), we decided to make a page of wildlife pictures. Most of them are a little... challenging... to see.

Prairie Dogs

A somewhat rare species of prairie dog. In this photo, very rare. With a nice steak sauce.


From the rare to the boring. Why exactly are Canada geese worth good pixels?


Here, you try it. What wild animal is pictured here? Hint: they're towards the center of the picture.

Bighorn Sheep

Bighorn sheep are actually a rare sight. These don't have big horns though.


Elk are not rare. Look at them and their ilk.


And you thought the coyote was hard to see. Duck!


What trip would be complete without a cat? It's by the bright green tree.

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