How several brave electronic devices crossed the continental divide


Us. Clockwise from top left: Ancalagon, Digital Camcorder, Mononatues, Visor Prism with GPS module, Omnisky Wireless Internet Visor Module, Cell Phone, Jetta Car Key (with nifty flip-out key action), Visor Deluxe, Flash/Memory Stick Card Reader, Flash/Smart Media Card Reader. Not pictured: Digital Camera.

Northern New Mexico

Desert, somewhat frozen. North of Santa Fe.

Chris at Rotan Pass

The treacherous Rotan pass, which Hannibal had to cross to invade Colorado from New Mexico. We took it slowly enough to have time to stop for a couple of pictures.

Jon is good

Upon arrival, Jon does his best to not make too much of a disturbance upon the Grandparently household.

Era is...

Elisabeth, in her natural habitat (again).

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Up in the mountains above Boulder


Estes Park

Getting back, or why Utah is uninhabited

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