Utah, the vast wasteland of America

Chris Driving

Chris calmy steers with a steady hand through the difficult wide open, extremely straight, most boring state in the union, Utah.


We had a sunroof.


Technically this is Colorado.


The mighty Colorado River (ok, you caught us, we're still in Colorado and just like complaining about Utah).

Era driving

We figured that even Elisabeth couldn't hit anything in Utah.

Jon sleeping

Jon, confident in Elisabeth's driving ability, catches a quick nap. Sucker.


Utah is only pretty for the first few hundred miles.


Then it becomes Nevada.

Jetta covered in bugs

It's a Volkswagon bug. It was a rental (long story), so we used up all the windshield wiper fluid to keep the windshield clear enough to drive. The bumper fared less well.

Mirror and bugs

Bugs on the mirror are closer than they appear.

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Getting there

Up in the mountains above Boulder


Estes Park

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