Spectacle Island

My friend Cristina, who took most of these pictures, and little Wedge and I went for a tour of the Boston Harbor Islands, including the renowned Spectacle Island.

Spectacle Island has had many unsavory uses, most infamously as a garbage dump.

Though you wouldn't know that now, for all the greenery they've added. They've also dramatically increased the size of the island, thanks to all the dirt left over from the Big Dig.

Wedge thinks he can totally take this town.

These are the only signs actively warning against possible environmental problems; but they also claim the asbestos washes onshore from "elsewhere"

The island used to be a lot lower, and a lot shorter, before Boston dumped things on it.

Our next stop was George's Island, site of an old fort.

The fort has many rooms and secret passageways which make for good exploring.

You can also plane watch; Logan is just across the harbor.

Wedge would use this cannon to begin the attack on the city, but is alas too small to operate it, so must enlist help.

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