Bumpkin island

We set out for three days on the Boston Harbor Island of Bumpkin in the rain. Our boat, at noon, was the last one out; they were canceling the rest of the trips that day due to weather.

No worries; this looks like a peaceful island.

Farewell, Bumpkin...

Was this the boat that assaulted our beach early one morning?

The swimming beach at Spectacle, on the far side of the docks: rocky, small, prone to high wake waves, and very shallow at low tide. But blissfully cool.

Aha! It is the landing craft, assaulting Georges Island now.

I'm smiling because I'm not (currently) being eaten by the Peddocks Island Super Death Mosquitos.

Oh yes, and there were blackberries to be had, blackberries for all as braved the thorns. Tasty, sweet, delicious blackberries.

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