Space shuttle Endeavor in LA (June 2013)

New pix

Lots of things are due in March 2015, not least of which is my second science fiction story, "Second Birthday", from Analog.

Anise makes her internet photo debut.

Recent pictures of space shuttle Endeavor and Hawaii.

"Subversion" on EscapePod

Check it out: my short story "Subversion" was just released on EscapePod. You should go read it, or listen to it (it's free).

Alternatively, if free isn't good enough for you, you can download "The inevitability of jaguars" from Amazon for 99 cents.

Pi = 3: proof by construction

Happy Pi Day! (2013-03-14)

May your day be deliciously mathy...

The inevitability of jaguars (15 Nov 2012)

I'm trying out this new thing, where instead of just deleting whatever was on the front page, I instead let it scroll down, with the newest thing up top. I'm thinking of calling it a "blog". I don't imagine it will catch on...

In completely unrelated news, the Mayan apocalypse is only 35 shopping days away. Well, actually, you can wait longer to buy my short story (entitled "The inevitability of jaguars", or as I like to think of it, the inevitability that any story I write will end up with cats in). I just don't know why you would want to.

I mean, jaguars, right? They're like cheetahs...

Speaking of disasters, the above-pictured Saffron (aka "Disaster Cat") has made her calendrical debut. Go check out the APHA's Get Ready Cat Preparedness Photo Contest results. If you download the full calendar, she's "May". As in, "May I distort my spine in violation of the laws of physics in an emergency?" The answer is yes, Saffron. You may.

Cheetah (26 Feb 2012)

Enigma the cheetah and me

I recently returned from Cape Town, South Africa, where I got to pet cheetahs and incidentally did some science. Just prior to that Jon and I were in Heidelberg, which had no cheetahs, but a lot of tasty marzipan.
Cheetah spots are softer than the rest of the fur.

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