40 Highland Ave., Somerville, MA

Jon and I are now comfortably ensconced in our new, 2 room (plus bathroom) apartment in Somerville. The menagerie includes the same black and white fuzzy things, Pip and Rascal, as well as Rodney the chrysanthemum. Cheap (relatively speaking), light, airy, hardwood floors, close to buses, and with several restaurants and markets (including a good Japanese/Korean market) an easy walking distance away, it's a rather nice place to live. Some photos:

Our building from the street.

The first floor window is ours.

Did I mention the public library across the street?

What sold us on the place: 9 foot ceilings and hardwood floors.

Pip enforces the no-shoes policy.

The door leads straight into the main room.

The kitchen is small, but nice.

Left to right: Rascal, Ancalagon, Rodney.

NEW: Anansi the iMac.

Our free couch and cat lair (unoccupied).

The bedroom is just to the right of the entrance.

Sure, there's a library across the street, but that's missing the point.

The presence of many books makes for literate cats.

More inexpensive furniture.

And finally, the bathroom (litterbox not shown).

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Last modified 9.15.2003