Camping on Santa Cruz Island: September '01

A few days on one of the Channel Islands, just off the coast of Ventura, California.
Dolphins running ahead of our ship
More dolphins
Santa Cruz island in the fog
The island itself was arid and windy. It used to be a private ranch.
Scorpion Cove, where our boat landed; kayaks are visible on the beach.
Anacapa: Makes a better island in the mist than a middle school.
Smuggler's cove, a deserted inlet on the far side of the island
The road from our camp to Smuggler's cove was long, the sun treacherous.
Some of our party perished on the way.
Coconuts. Islands. They go together. (Even if we had to bring ours with.)
Mmm... coconutty goodness
Our campsite amid the eucalyptus trees. The first site was too windy.
Jon, on the cliffs, holding a sharp pointy stick.

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