My CV and first author papers

All links have a freely accessible version if you follow the link at top to the arXiv e-print.

De-biased Populations of Kuiper Belt Objects from the Deep Ecliptic Survey, 2014, AJ, 148, 55.

Adaptive Optics Images II: 12 Kepler Objects of Interest and 15 Confirmed Transiting Planets, 2013, AJ, 146, 9.

Adaptive Optics Images of Kepler Objects of Interest, 2012, AJ, 144, 42

Twenty-one New Light Curves of OGLE-TR-56b: New System Parameters and Limits on Timing Variations, 2011, ApJ, 741, 102

Transit Timing Variation Analysis of OGLE-TR-132b with Seven New Transits, 2011, ApJ, 728, 125

Six High-precision Transits of OGLE-TR-113b, 2010, ApJ, 721, 1829

Lack of Transit Timing Variations of OGLE-TR-111b: A Re-Analysis with Six New Epochs, 2010, ApJ, 714, 13

Ocean Planet or Thick Atmosphere: On the Mass-Radius Relationship for Solid Exoplanets with Massive Atmospheres, 2008, ApJ, 673, 1160 (Unofficial title: "Ocean planet... or just a lot of hot air?")

Planet cookie place mats

Ever wanted to make log-scaled accurate gingerbread cookies that you then meticulously paint to resemble real planets? (Yes, everyone knows, there are trees on Saturn!) Then download these blueprints and both sets of log-scaled planet pictures. Then use your favorite set of circular cookie cutters (I'm using these) and let the nerdy baking begin. (Note: exoplanets may, plausibly, be decorated however you like!)

Added in 2014: if you want to make your favorite ALMA image of a planet-forming disk into a cookie on the same log scale, it should be about about 8 inches in diameter.

Pro tip: find a friend with a laminator to turn the patterns into long-lasting place mats.

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